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How can we help you?

How do I contact a seller?

Once you have found an item you are interested in, go to the item's page.

Send a message to the seller

  1. Scroll down the page a short way until you find a panel below the item details with Contact Seller written inside. You will find it on the right hand side on a larger screen, or straight down on a small screen.
  2. Click on the Message Seller button and an email form will open.
  3. Fill out your name, your email address and a brief message.
  4. You may be asked to fill out a captcha to prove you are a human (not a bot!).
  5. Click on the Send Message button.
  6. Your message will be emailed to the seller, who will respond to the contact details you provided in the message. We do not have an internal message system here yet, your email address will be visible to the seller.

To telephone the seller

  1. If the seller has chosen to add their phone number to the listing, the number will be below their screen name. If there is no phone number, you will need to use the email message system.

Textbooks n Stuff is not directly involved in transactions between buyer and seller. We encourage you to communicate directly. See also how to stay safe online.