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How can we help you?

I'm having problems getting something to work

Sometimes TBNS does not work as expected. Below are some common troubleshooting tips that may solve your problem.

Is your browser up to date?

TBNS no longer actively supports older browsers and if you do use an older browser, you may find that some features on TBNS are not compatible. When your browser is out of date, you may find that pages just don't look quite right, or that some features don't work at all.

Check that your browser is the latest version and either update the browser or try a new one for a better experience on the web overall.

We support the following browsers:

Do you have ad-blocking or other extensions or add-ons installed?

Some browser extensions, particularly ad-blockers, can interfere with the functions of a website (not just advertisements). Try disabling any add-ons or third party extensions one by one in your browser to see if it fixes the problem.

Try clearing your cookies and cache

Clearing the cache or cookies in your browser can sometimes help with fixing problems such as access issues, or when content just does not load properly. You'll find instructions on how to clear Google Chrome cache and cookies which also includes links for the other major browsers.

Are cookies enabled in your browser?

If you are not able to stay logged in or unable to keep information when moving from page to page, check to see that cookies are enabled in your browser.

Is Javascript enabled in your browser?

While the majority of TBNS does work without Javascript, there are some features that do require it to be enabled in your browser. You can check here to see if is enabled.

Check your anti-virus software

Some anti-virus or internet security software can interfere with the loading of some elements on web pages, in a similar manner to ad-blocking extensions. If you are having problems with content not loading properly, try turning your anti-virus off temporarily or adding the page you are browsing to the safe sites in your software settings.

Check your internet connection

Quite often when a page has not loaded properly or appears slow, it can be caused by a lost or slow internet connection. Try to reloading the page or try to connect to another website to test if it is the connection or the site.