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How can we help you?

How do I sell something?

Here is a very basic overview of how to sell an item on TBNS. For more details on each part, follow the links.

Textbooks n Stuff is simply a platform where people can buy and sell their items in person, similar to the old classifieds. We do not get involved in transactions and encourage buyers and sellers to communicate directly with each other. See also how to stay safe online.

Become a member

You must be a member and logged in to use TBNS to sell an item. If you have not yet joined us, you will need to create an account. Get help on creating an account.

Place a listing

Once you are logged in you can create a new listing straight away. Please visit our how to place a listing page for more help.

Buyer enquiries

Once your listing is live, potential buyers will be able to contact you via the online form on your listing's page. You will get an email each time a buyer makes an enquiry. A copy of the enquiry is also kept in the messages area of your account.

Communicate with the buyer

We do not have a message system on the site and encourage you to communicate directly with the buyer. You can respond directly to the buyer's enquiry by simply replying to the enquiry email. See more about replying to a buyer.

Organise the transaction details with the buyer.